March 8, 2013

Fancy Friday

Blouse: Zara || Pants: Mango || Bag: Zara || Belt: Mango || Shoes: Mango Outlet || Jacket: H&M Trend || Bracelet: Lost in Style

On a beautiful day like this, I could wander on the street the entire day. A little bit of windowshopping, dreaming about my weekend, and trying to ignore all the things I have to do.. My outfit is kept simple today, with a little bit of colour, which I fancy a lot. Although the outfit seems kind of chique, it is sooo comfy thanks to the soft materials. I adore these pants because I think you can wear them on any occasion. Well, I hope you  will have a fanatstic day and enjoy the weekend! x Raan

P.S. Did you see my lovely give-away from Lost in Style?! 


  1. Super weer, zou het zo zelf aan doen!

  2. Ik doe mee met de give away!
    gave outfit, die tas doet 't m!

  3. Love the outfit Raan!! super schoenen ook!!